The Big Questions – Terry Moore, Moore MyoWorx

Jul 21, 2023 | Startup Guelph Blog


Moore MyoWorx is an internationally acclaimed clinic providing advanced neuromuscular therapy for concussions, chronic symptoms, and complex conditions. Developed by Terry Moore (Neuromuscular & Cardiovascular Physiologist), Moore MyoWorx is a comprehensive approach that focuses on healing the underlying injury to muscles and tissues to reduce and eliminate patient symptoms. Since 1989, Moore MyoWorx has been delivering leading-edge, innovative, quality health and wellness care that empowers, educates, and equips patients with the knowledge and tools to achieve successful outcomes through specially targeted exercise facilitated by treatment with the patented MyoWorx TM20 device.

Q: When was the moment you first knew you were meant to be an entrepreneur?
I suffered from chronic pain and saw a need to make sure other people don’t go through similar suffering as I did.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced starting your business?
Learning how to connect to the market and get the word out that there is hope and help available.

Q: What is the biggest “win” you have experienced as an entrepreneur?
When I see people who were extremely debilitated and non-functional be able to return to a normal life.

Q: What is the most important piece of advice you would give to others who are starting their own business?
Follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to dream big. It’s going to be a lot of work, stressful and demanding, but it’s worth it!

Q: What was the biggest key to your success? How do you measure success?
I believe the key to success is to be the best you can be and deliver the best service possible for the purpose of improving the quality of people’s lives.

Q: If you could go back in time, is there anything you would change about your entrepreneurial journey?
I wish I had more business training in the beginning.

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